About me

In my childhood people kept asking me: What would you be when you grow up? I was about 11 years old when my answer was: I would work with people. And my desire hasn't changed since then.
After spending years studying psychology my dream came true. For over 18 years I have had the privilege to work with people: children, adults and families. As a psychodramatist and psychotherapist I work with individuals and couples and run groups. I have been amazed how much interaction and connection can facilitate healing and bring quality change to one's life.

By living and training on three different continents I have the gift of learning from highly experienced trainers and seeing how psychodrama works in different cultures. I also experienced how deeply moving into a different country can change a person's life.
Becoming a wife then a mother also gave me new perspectives and different point of views on life.
I recently tapping into somatic work and healing through experiencing clown workshops just as co-leading workshops combining psychodrama with psysical theatre.

With all the personal and professional experience I have I am offering help to people especially in the following areas:

Couple Therapy
Personal Growth
Processing Traumas
Cultural shock-transition to a new culture
Life Coaches
Addictions and Substance Abuse
Decision making

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