Theatre of Spontaneity

Come and take part in an evening of psychodrama conducted by experienced group practitioners. Psychodrama is a participative and interactive method which aims to strengthen our abilities to express ourselves relevantly in the ordinary here and now situations in our work and lives. The range of methods used help strengthen relationships and build community. 

In these monthly open sessions, we will explore what emerges in the group around a theme relating to personal or professional development. Psychodrama is relevant to people drawn to greater vitality in their personal, interpersonal and leadership functions in a wide range of fields. 

The name Theatre of Spontaneity has its origins in Vienna early last century when Jacob Moreno, the founder of psychodrama, conducted theatre in this style. 

We invite you to register for these sessions and expect to be in a group of 12 – 18 people. Time: 5.45pm for 6pm start and 7.30pm conclusion. 

Monday 9 August - A walk in the museum of life 

Imagine walking around a museum, where the exhibits represent moments from your life. You will be looking at significant events, moments and people, whether they are from your past, present or future. You might want to revisit a scene, an interaction you remember or you might imagine a moment of what life might be like for you in the future. With the psychodramatic method we have multiple options for how we might explore and approach those important life moments and connections. 

Leader: Zsófi Kigyóssy 

Zsófi is a group facilitator, psychodramatic couple therapist and individual counsellor. Zsófi has been trained in psychodrama in Hungary and in the USA. She is also a mum and likes being in nature in her free time. 

Fee: $10 per session payable by cash or bank transfer 

Venue: Level 1, 35 Victoria Street Wellington 

Enrol by text: 0274 408 936 or email: Subsequent monthly sessions are on the second Monday of every month through to November 2021 

Next session: Monday 13 September - led by Marilyn Hunt 

Organised by the Wellington branch of the Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand Psychodrama Association.