Parenting and Children

I find that being a parent is the most challenging but the most rewarding role in one’s life. Parenting constantly requires to be in several roles, be on call day and night, building up and holding boundaries, planning and organizing social life, work  and household, just to mention some of the lot. With the nonstop juggling with a parent’s everyday life, questions, doubts and struggles often come along. When a problem occurs and other friends and parents advice from the playground is not sufficient, parents shall seek for professional advice.

How I work with families:

I always start with a consultation with the parents. In some cases it is enough and the I with the eye of the outsider can provide the help you need. In other occasions the child’s involvement is necessary, depending on the nature of the problem and the age of the child. I like to involve most of the family members, and cooperate with schools or other professionals involved in the family’s life.  I believe that in a healthy functioning family all the family member’s involvement is necessary.